Our goal:

"We don't create images, we make visual statements".

Permanently we fulfill the wishes of our customers with a maximum craftsmanship and the necessary empathy. For the private client we create the reportage of your wedding, the first pictures of your newborn child or the job application pictures of the child who is just trying to get a foothold in the working life. We are the best studio in trier if you want to capture your memories in the form of a photo or a video!

In addition, Studio-54 was founded to give corporate clients a professional point of contact for all their media needs. Whether in photography, videography, sociel media management, sales and marketing, media design...etc.

If pictures have to be good and if you are not satisfied with mediocrity, come to us. Because we don't create images, we generate visual statements.Whether through photos, videos or design, we are a team for the customer!

If you want to boost your career with a convincing portrait, hire Studio-54. If you want guaranteed good videos as a souvenir of your event or as image advertising for your own company, call Matthias Schmitt.

Because we are Studio-54. A team of the best in and around Trier.

Specialists... Each in his own field!

Matthias Schmitt
Matthias SchmittProfessional Photo- & Videographer
Matthias' no-nonsense, objective and clean visual language makes him the ideal contact for commercial clients who need pragmatic and efficient implementation of image and film material.

As a trained war correspondent for the German Armed Forces with a focus on press photography and a state-certified assistant for media management, Matthias' focus is on supporting and advising clients with individually tailored, personal concepts. His broad know-how in various areas of the creative industry as well as his social media skills are also among his valuable strengths.

As a videographer, he skilfully translates ideas into emotional and stirring scenes, thus meeting the tastes of his customers exactly. Numerous satisfied customers and partners rely on Studio54's expertise.

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Jannik Schmitt
Jannik SchmittLeitung 360° Tour - Marketing
What better way to be a young ambitious employee in a short-lived digital world.
Exactly! Having a Jannik is better!

Meticulously he throws himself into the projects and develops an individual timeless and holistic concept for our customers. Always informed and inquisitive, he implements new digital products for you and your company.

Contact Jannik when it comes to the topics, 360° Tour, LiveStream and scheduling. He will answer your questions at any time.

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Renè Strehl
Renè StrehlMedia Designer - Digital and Print & Photo Assistant
Our graphic designer and media designer René develops individual media products for you, plans production processes and sets the right milestones for your perfect marketing. To do this, he combines media elements, prepares data for digital use and compiles them for the respective purpose.
Through his objective manner, he always manages to get the customer out of the "pigeonhole thinking" and puts the benefit of the product in the foreground.
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Our "Creative Area" at Studio-54 in Trier

The most important thing in creative professions is a working environment in which you can implement ideas and develop freely. For us photographers, the heart of our premises is of course our photo studio. Here we have a wide variety of backgrounds, lots of equipment and space for creativity. Next door is our daylight studio - perfect for family and newborn shoots! But sometimes it is also used as a meeting room for us and our clients. In our team kitchen and meeting/break room, we can eat, plan and work together. And if it needs to be a little more concentrated, we each have our workstations or the "darkroom" for video editing.

Studio-54 stands for aesthetic and creative photography, adapted to the visual language of our customers, whether commercial or private.


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The team of photographers at Studio-54 is not only available to you by phone or email, we can also be reached on all the usual social networks. Or even better: visit us in Trier and drop by the studio - we look forward to seeing you.

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The professional photo studio in Trier: we offer high quality photos, creative and aesthetic and adapted to you.